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I need help

Mrs. P started this conversation

 I am a 100% Disabled Veteran. I and the bank own my house. My house needs to be fixed up. Especially now that my daughter and her 3 sons (ages 5, 4 and 2) are now living with my 72 year old veteran husband, myself 51 year old 100% Disabled Veteran and my son who trys to take care of all of us. I also need help in paying my bills. My daughter's ex-husband is not paying any child support nor is he supplying any kind of medical for the children. I am stredtched beyond the limit and cannot seem to get out from under this. Please help me!!!!

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 in response to Flash of Fire...   

I work with a company that is an alternative to insurance and can save you money on doctors, hospitals and more.  Click on the linnk in my profile to learn more about our memberships, and let me know if I have any questions.  Best wishes, Rosie

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Me and my husband has been married for almost 5 months, and boy have we hit a rocky point already in a short amount of time in marriage. I lost my last job due to surgery and at that time my husband was the only one working, well after 2 months of that I finally got a job, well in the first part of our marriage we lived with my relatives due to money situations, then we moved out of town, things didn't work out there after being there for less than a month, then I had to go somewhere to get rental assistance for the first month. Well we have 2 car payments, insurance, and now we have rent to pay plus bills to go along with that. Well now that I am working, my husband is out of work...and we are in a bind where we are about to lose everything..including our apartment and vehicles..and I have 3 kids to support as well, my husband is trying to find a job..but we live in such a small town, and everywhere you go you gotta travel 30-45 miles to get somewhere........I am running out of options.....and I am losing my mind, i am constantly stressed out...I just wish a miracle would happen! So if anyone is reading this, I would love to have some advice...thank you!!

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Hayden Tribe

Mrs P, there also programs offered by the federal government to help in fixing up your house if you qualify. http://www.eere.en the above link is for weatherization, windows, insulation, etc. Then this link - eap/ is a low income home energy assistance program (LIHEAP). If you apply both of these programs may be able to help you. Further I do not know if you have a mortgage on your home - but the verteran's administration may have programs able to assist you with either low interest loan (for mortgage) or programs to help fix up your house. Hope this helps :)

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Mrs. P, I have a question to ask you. You say you are a 100% disabled veteran. I know that this monthly amount is around $2600/month give or take. Are you aware that you are also entitled to social security disability? That would be another check coming in for you, if you are not already getting it. Is your husband a disabled VET? If he has some issues that originated in the military, he could go & apply for his disablity. That way he would have another check in addition to the social security & possible retirement checks he should already be receiving. I hope this helps.

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